pecont steuerungen / software GmbH
Kurt Franke Strasse 1
D-99198 Erfurt-Wallichen

Fon: +49 (0) 36203 / 50 67 9


efreThis project is part-financed by the European Union (EFRE) and the Free State of Thuringia (TMWTA).

pecont control systems and software

Without automation an economically effective production is unfeasible especially in the industry. Automation processes are in turn becoming more and more complex. All the same, production must remain operable. This is where pecont comes in.


We develop and manufacture control solutions for machinery and systems that complete highly specialized activities. In doing so, we attach great importance to both a high degree of efficiency of the control algorithm and to ensuring that key steps remain comprehensible for operating personnel.


A majority of our solutions are realized in projects, which include special solutions or control solutions that are tailored to production and processes (special-purpose machinery).


We even design and manufacture control components for limited-lot production. That’s why we are your contact for producing prototypes.

pecont creates control solutions primarily for:

- Machine tools (bending and cutting machines, presses)
- Automatic assembly and handling systems
- Stacking, materials handling and packaging systems
- Special-purpose machinery
- Building services technology


pecont solar – The Division for the Solar Industry

The solar industry continues to gain importance. As a result, pecont responds to this development. With our pecont Solar division we produce software and components for photovoltaic systems.
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