pecont steuerungen / software GmbH
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D-99198 Erfurt-Wallichen

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efreThis project is part-financed by the European Union (EFRE) and the Free State of Thuringia (TMWTA).


Areas of Expertise | Software Development

Implementation is everything!

Our software development is geared towards a comprehensive approach. That means no standalone solutions. We offer maximum functionality and compatible communicativity in the modern production environment. Our software services are created for programmable logic controllers and production-process and machine-oriented high-level language applications for PC platforms.


Programming of Programmable Logic Controllers
imageWith PLC programming we implement exacting standards on functionality, cycle time, user-friendliness, reliability and safety. In this case, we utilize modern programming tools and program in a wide variety of programming techniques such as continuous function chart, statement list or structured text in accordance with IEC 1131.

We develop PLC programs for platforms from such global players as SIEMENS, Bosch-Rexroth, Beckhoff, Schneider Electric or PILZ. The control solutions are implemented in the areas of machine tools, presses, automatic assembly and handling systems, process engineering, materials handling and packaging systems and building services technology.


High-level Language Applications
imageComplex requirements (data volume, communication, documentation of process data / traceability) can be resolved with the aid of high-level language applications. The range of solutions extends from small software tools for communications and data storage through to complex databases and control functions.


In practice, these applications are frequently used in combination with SQL databases. For instance, the software is used specifically for controlling and tracking the transportation of goods of a production line with most stringent requirements on process compliance, quality testing/control and process traceability. These applications are implemented for checking and measuring electronic circuits and on embedded controllers equipped with the Windows CE operating system.

Pecont uses the programming languages C, C++, Embedded C++ and Visual Basic and .Net.